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Viread Lawsuit Lawyers

Kidney and bone complications have been linked to Viread’s main ingredient, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF). After nearly 20 years of being marketed to individuals who are HIV-positive and looking to control their condition, word of Viread’s debilitating side effects have begun to surface.

Users of the drug are now coming forward with experienced legal teams in an effort to recover the justice and compensation that Gilead Sciences Inc. – makers of Viread – owes them. If any of this resonates with what you’ve experienced from taking Viread, you may be eligible to file a claim against the pharmaceutical giant as well.

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Recent Litigation Filed Against Gilead

Gilead Sciences Inc. has been the target of many lawsuits in its past 30 years of operation. Past lawsuits alleged that the company had funneled kickbacks to pay:

  • Personnel to help facilitate the writing of prescriptions for their products.
  • For upgrades for medical center software.
  • For equipment upgrades used in laboratories
  • Doctors’ salaries to promote sales of the company’s HIV and hepatitis medications.

The most recent lawsuits, however, now focus on the personal damages individuals have suffered as a result of taking Viread and other HIV medications that the company manufacturers.

Two personal injury lawsuits in California were filed against Gilead Sciences Inc. alleging that the company intentionally withheld a safer alternative to their products which contain a component known as tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF).

This safer alternative — known as tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF) — was in development alongside TDF in the early 2000s before research was discontinued. The company, instead, forwarded their TDF-based medications like Viread. These dangerous TDF-based medications would go on to net the company billions in sales.

Unfortunately, consumers have begun to suffer from life-threatening bone and kidney complications as a result of these products. It is alleged that Gilead Science Inc. knew of these side effects for years and yet failed to warn the public. 

As a result of this deception, two men — both harmed by one of Gilead’s TDF-based medications — filed personal injury lawsuits to gain compensation for their injuries. In addition, the two also filed a class-action lawsuit against Gilead Sciences Inc. in an effort to recruit others who have also been harmed by the company.

The message that this sends out to pharmaceutical companies is clear. Consumers will not be taken advantage of.

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The Basics on Viread

Viread is a medication that is used to help inhibit the growth and spread of HIV. The product may be used in conjunction with other medication and healthy lifestyle practices in order to lessen the effects of the virus, as well as to protect those who are in high-risk circumstances of developing the condition.

Viread is categorized as a Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NRTI). These types of medications target the enzymes known as reverse transcriptase. These enzymes allow for the replication of the virus. Viread works by stopping the functions of reverse transcriptase.

The drug has also been used to help treat Hepatitis B.

However, Viread has recently been linked to the development of chronic kidney diseases and bone fractures because of the excessive amounts of TDF that are used in the creation of the drug. To make matters worse, Gilead Sciences Inc. failed to inform consumers of Viread’s negative side effects.

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The Complications Caused by Viread

In order to reduce the process of HIV replication, ample amounts of the TDF component found in Viread is required. These large doses of TDF can damage the body and lead to bone and kidney complications that can be debilitating.

Excessive levels of TDF found in medications like Viread can cause an increase in serum creatinine. Elevated levels of creatinine signifies impaired kidney function. As kidneys begin to suffer damage and malfunction, they are unable to properly filter out the creatinine in the blood. 

Over time, damage to the kidney can result in:

  • Declining Kidney Function
  • Decreased Urination
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Fanconi Syndrome
  • Kidney Failure

Dialysis is generally the only treatment for full kidney failure. If not properly cared for, chronic kidney disease and kidney failure can be fatal.

Alongside, the development of kidney-related health issues, excessive amounts of TDF have also been found to demineralize bone. Loss of bone density is a condition where vital minerals like calcium are removed from the bone quicker than the bone can rebuild itself.

Often, symptoms of this condition are not felt until after a fracture has occurred. Over time, bone demineralization can lead to:

  • Discomfort in Extremities
  • Bone Deterioration or Osteoporosis
  • Bone Loss or Osteopenia
  • Dental Complications (e.g. Tooth Decay and Loss)
  • Bone Fractures

While these side effects are quite common in those that use Viread, it is important to note that any preexisting kidney or bone conditions can worsen because of the drug. If you have developed any of the side effects mentioned above and have used Viread, seek medical attention immediately.

What to Know About Product Liability

As more users of Viread begun to suffer the side effects that Gilead Sciences failed to warn them about, many are seeking out experienced attorneys that are well-versed in product liability law to help them secure the compensation they need to properly recover.

To do this, lawyers must consider what type of product liability claim Viread falls under. These three different categories are:

  1. Defective Design – A defect in the design or creation of the product is responsible for the injuries a consumer has suffered. In most instances, a design defect will affect ALL cases of the given product.
  1. Manufacturing Defect – A flaw occurred during the manufacturing process that caused the consumer to sustain an injury. This particular category only analyzes the product that caused the injury, not if or how the company responsible was negligent or malicious.
  1. Lack of Adequate Warning or Instructions – Dangerous products (e.g. toxic substances, choking hazards, sharp equipment, or hot elements) require special information, warning labels, or comprehensive instructions that instruct the consumer on how to safely use the item. Anything lacking in this particular sense could be considered negligent.

Because product liability law can be so complex, having the right legal representation becomes a necessity. Hiring a Viread injury lawyer from Onder Law Firm will give you the peace of mind you need.

Demographics That Are Most Affected by HIV

As of 2016, over 1.1 million people live with HIV in the United States. Approximately 14 percent of this group didn’t know that they had contracted the virus. In 2017, around 39,000 new cases of HIV were diagnosed.

The individuals are much more likely to take TDF-based medicines and thus suffer the negative side-effects associated with the drug. The most prominent demographics that are affected by HIV include:

  • Gay and Bisexual Men

The CDC states that nearly 64 percent of all new HIV diagnoses were attributed to gay and bisexual men—or MSM (men who have sex with men).

  • Ethnic Minorities

The most affected subgroups of people living with HIV are African-Americans and Hispanic/Latinx. In 2017, African-Americans accounted for approximately 16,694 (43 percent) of new HIV diagnoses with HIV. Around 9,908 (26 percent) Hispanic/Latinx individuals were diagnosed with HIV that same year.

  • Heterosexual Individuals

In 2017, heterosexual individuals made up around 24 percent of new HIV diagnoses, where men were 7 percent of new diagnoses and women were 16 percent.

In women, 50 percent of these diagnoses occurred in those who were between 25 to 44 years of age. Out of the women demographic, 59 percent of them were African-American. Additionally, 86 percent of these particular cases were contracted from heterosexual contact.

  • Injection Drug Users

Injection drug users face a significant risk of developing HIV. In 2017, the CDC found that men who injected themselves with drugs account for 4 percent of people who developed HIV, where women were equivalent to 3 percent. Injection drug users made up 6 percent of new HIV diagnoses that same year.

  • Serodiscordant Couples

In serodiscordant couples, one partner is living with HIV and the other is not. These couples take Viread to help control HIV’s growth or spread, but are inadvertently putting themselves at risk, though not of their own fault.

If you or someone you love suffers from negative side effects sustained because of Viread, the Viread injury attorneys of Onder Law Firm are more than capable of effectively representing you. With our legal experience, we will help you to secure the results you deserve.

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